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Who is it?: Actress, Entrepreneur
Birth Day: April 19, 1969
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States, United States
Birth Sign: Taurus
Chinese name: 李香凝 (simplified)
Pinyin: Lǐ Xiāngníng (Mandarin)
Jyutping: Lei5 Heung1 Jing4
Occupation: Businessperson, actress, martial artist
Years active: 1993–present
Spouse(s): Anthony Ian Keasler (m. 1994)
Children: 1
Parents: Bruce Lee (1940–1973) Linda Lee Cadwell (born 1945)
Siblings: Brandon Lee (1965–1993)
Ancestry: Shunde, Guangdong, China
Chinese: 李香凝
TranscriptionsStandard MandarinHanyu PinyinWade–GilesTongyong PinyinYale RomanizationIPAYue: CantoneseYale RomanizationIPAJyutpingSouthern MinHokkien POJ: Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Lǐ Xiāngníng Wade–Giles Li Hsiang-Ning Tongyong Pinyin Lǐ Siāngníng Yale Romanization Lǐ Syāngníng IPA [lì ɕjáŋnǐŋ] Yue: Cantonese Yale Romanization Leíh Heūng Yìhng IPA [le̬i hœ́ːŋ jɪ̏ŋ] Jyutping Lei5 Heung1 Jing4 Southern Min Hokkien POJ Lì Hiuⁿ-Gêng Lǐ XiāngníngLi Hsiang-NingLǐ SiāngníngLǐ Syāngníng[lì ɕjáŋnǐŋ]Leíh Heūng Yìhng[le̬i hœ́ːŋ jɪ̏ŋ]Lei5 Heung1 Jing4Lì Hiuⁿ-Gêng
Hanyu Pinyin: Lǐ Xiāngníng
Wade–Giles: Li Hsiang-Ning
Tongyong Pinyin: Lǐ Siāngníng
Yale Romanization: Leíh Heūng Yìhng
IPA: [le̬i hœ́ːŋ jɪ̏ŋ]
Hokkien POJ: Lì Hiuⁿ-Gêng

Shannon Lee

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Shannon Lee is Actress, Entrepreneur born on April 19, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, United States, United States. At age 49 Shannon Lee net worth is approximately $10 Million. Shannon Lee instagram account is @shannonleetweedsimmons has over 103,623 followers. Shannon Emery Lee, also known as Shan Shan, is an American singer, actress, producer and entrepreneur.

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💰 Net worth: $10 Million



In her youth, she studied Jeet Kune Do, the martial art system invented by her Father, under Richard Bustillo, one of her father's students. However, her serious studies did not begin until the late 1990s. To train for parts in action movies, she studied Jeet Kune Do with Ted Wong.


Lee made her acting debut playing a cameo in her father's 1993 biopic film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story as the party singer of the song "California Dreamin'". She went on to appear in the direct-to-video films Cage II (1994) with bodybuilding veteran & actor Lou Ferrigno and High Voltage (1997) with Antonio Sabato Jr. In 1998 she starred in the Hong Kong action film Enter the Eagles, directed by Corey Yuen, co-starring Michael Wong and Anita Yuen.


On television, she guest-starred in an episode of the television series Martial Law alongside Sammo Hung in 1998 and appeared in the science-fiction television film Epoch, which first aired on the Sci Fi Channel in 2001. She was also the television host of the first season of WMAC Masters. Lee is currently the President of the Bruce Lee Foundation.


She sang on the band Medicine's album The Mechanical Forces of Love in 2003. She sang a cover of "I'm in the Mood for Love" for the movie China Strike Force (2000), which starred Leehom Wang and Aaron Kwok. She is the executive Producer of the 2008 television series The Legend of Bruce Lee, based on her father's life. She is also an executive Producer of the 2009 documentary film, How Bruce Lee Changed the World.

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