Mary West

About Mary West

Birth Year: 1945
Birth Place: San Diego, California, United States
Residence: San Diego, California, US
Known for: co-founder, West Corporation
Spouse(s): Gary West

Mary West

Mary West is a member of born on 1945 in San Diego, California, United States. At age 73 Mary West net worth is approximately $570 Million. Mary West and her husband Gary, a hospital administrator, founded WATS Telemarketing in 1978 in their garage. They sold WATS in 1980, and she founded West TeleServices in 1986; her husband joined a year later.

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💰 Net worth: $570 Million

2015 $610 Million
2016 $500 Million
2017 $570 Million
2018 $570 Million



In 1978, with her husband Gary, she co-founded WATS Telemarketing in the garage of their house in Omaha, Nebraska. They sold WATS in 1980, and in 1986, she founded West TeleServices in 1986, which went public in 1996.


In 2008, she and her husband had a combined net worth of $2.2 billion.

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